Literature on Flipping Classrooms


Literature on Flipping Classrooms

The Flipped Classroom: A survey of the research

Flip classroom has been picking traction in the United States of America and all over the world as the younger generation are experiencing big changes as the world that they live and love are constantly are in competition with technology, social media interaction and experiential sensations.

The survey research above gives an overview insight the adoption of flip classrooms. Although there is a big debate concerning the effectiveness of such an approach, this survey provides a good foundation for debates on the learning approach of flip classrooms.

Useful Links on Flipped Classrooms

1. Flipped Learning Network

The Flipped Learning Network is an organization that prides itself in promoting flip class. It provides resources, explanations as well as events.

It provides a good foundation to the pillars of flip classroom

F – Flexible Learning Environment

L – Learning Culture

I  – Intentional Content

P – Professional Educator

2. Faculty Focus

Faculty Focus publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom — both face-to-face and online. Faculty Focus was created in 2003 by Magna Publications. Faculty Focus is edited by Mary Bart. Mary joined Magna in 2008 and also manages the company’s social media presence. Mary got her start in journalism as a reporter and managing editor at a small community newspaper in upstate New York and later served at the editor-in-chief of Counseling Today, the monthly magazine of the American Counseling Association.

Faculty Focus – Benefits of Flipping Classrooms

Faculty Focus – Looking to Flip the classroom


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