Edu 2.0 – Web based Free LMS

On Flip Classroom, Video Resources




Edu 2.0 is a free web based LMS (Learning Management System) that enables users to create virtual classrooms as well as a knowledge sharing platform for educators, knowledge experts and basically anyone off the internet. Classes that are created can be accessed by other users have a login in that particular domain.


In my opinion, Edu 2.0 is able to be a great platform to create reading assignments which students are able to take home study and for the teacher to monitor their progress. In a flip classroom setting, the use of Edu 2.0 can assist educators to spend more time with their students when they have face to face sessions and refer to the content that were provided to them previously.




Khan Academy – Changing frontiers

On Flip Classroom, Video Resources


Changing the frontier of education. A story from personal usage to a national concerted effort to change the way students engage learning. Salma Khan provides his side of the story to the formation of Khan Academy.


A news coverage follows suit as to how Khan Academy is being used in classrooms all over in the United States of America.